Friday, February 24, 2012

Pit Bull Dog

Pit Bull Dog

Summary: Pit bull Dog is a dog from American terrier breed. Pit bull is a big headed dog with cropped ears. It is also known as American pit bull terrier.

Article: Bighead, round tiny sharp eyes, cropped ears with fearless gestures; this is American pit bull dog from the dog breeds of terrier breed. Pit bulls are confident dogs with fearless and outgoing nature. Aggression is a significant feature of a pit bull dog.Pit bull dogs are also famous as bull dogs. It is a product of inter breeding between terriers and bull dogs. 

So the pit bull has a combination of gameness from terriers and athleticism from bull dogs.A pit bull is striking by being a dog of power, passion, stature and undying enthusiasm. A bricked like big head, powerful strong jaws, thickly muscles and a well-defined neck is most significant physical features of American pit bull dog.

Temperament of American pit bulldog:

The aggressive nature and fearless temperament of American pit bull dog distinguish him from other dog breeds. He is aggressive towards other breeds and animals but for human, he is very tender, loving, calm and good natured. He is not an energetic dog. He is a coach potato who loves to curl up in the couch and sleep whole day. His nature is somehow stubborn. If a pit bull doesn't want to do any task, it is then a hard time for you. He seems lovely while hanging with children.His clownish behavior make the kids laugh.

Some times a pit bull dog can be destructive chewer. Even he starts chewing his own body.So give him plenty of chewing toys. As compare to other dog breeds, a pit bull can’t stay long in heat. His flat face and close nose makes him over heated in hot weather so place him in an air condition.

Training of American pit bulldog: 

Training of an American pit bull will quite tricky for his owner and dog breeders who want to adopt a pit bull dog. As a slow learner and less energetic, he follow and learn tasks very slowly. Extra patience, time and efforts are required in this regard. Socialize an American pit bull dog very keenly and carefully as he has an in bond aggressive nature. Minimum training and proper amount of exercises make them an obedient and tranquil dog.

Grooming of American pit bulldog: American pit bull dog has a thick short shiny coat. Shedding is not so frequent so occasional brushing is required.

Health problems of American pit bull dog: Hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts, allergies to grass and congenital heart diseases are common health issues of an American pit bull dog.

Space require for American pit bull dog: This dog breed can be live in an apartment also. They are very active indoor pet which prefer warm climate of a house.

Height and Weight of American pit bull: The height of American pit bull is approximately 18-22 inches and weight is almost22-110 pounds.Life expectancy: 12 yearsLitter size: 5- 10 puppies’ average

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