Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creativity Abounds!

painting of yellow Lab

"Our GDB puppy Minnie graduated last May, and went with a very special man named Arlen," wrote Grace Ehrman. "Minnie is his first dog and she's been a great asset to him with regard to his mobility.

"I was surprised to find he enjoyed painting. He told me he has complicated magnifying glasses that he uses.

"Yesterday, I got this email attachment of the picture he painted of Minnie in harness. The fact that with his minimal eyesight he painted that pretty yellow Lab with her harness on just took my breath away."

Here's how Minnie felt about it:

yellow Lab on her back

collage of children's drawings
Thousands of schoolchildren visit our campuses each year. One group, from Novato, CA, expressed what they learned from the tour by creating artwork. "Each child was creative about their visit to GDB," explained Cathy St. Sure. "We compiled the pieces into a collage and named it Guiding Futures." Nice work!

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