Sunday, May 26, 2013

Brit's favourite products

As part of our series of staff favourite products, Brit had to go last (besides Joan, who has final say of course!), because she loves so many things! She decided to let her photo collection choose, as her favourite items have had a facebook post at one time or another! Here's what she came up with:

GoDog Dragon toy: We're not sure who loves these more, Brit or Sadie! Brit loves how adorable they are.. Sadie (the 11 year old shepherd/collie mix) loves them so much she stole her chihuahua sister's tiny one too! She now has a family of three that she carries throughout the house, to bed, and outside to accompany her on pee breaks, and she puts them down to poke the squeaker with her nose to get mom's attention.

Brit also recommends these to everyone with a new puppy, and the puppies thank her! They're not only super soft and snuggly, but puppies love the crinkly sound they make, and the little wings and tail to play with. To top it off, who knew they could make such a cute and snuggly toy so durable? These toys don't have any stuffing to pull out, and they are double stitched with a tough inner layer. And when it starts to get smelly? Just toss it in the wash! It will come out as plush and snuggly as new!
(also comes in green, purple, and various coloured dinosaurs - Brit just happens to love pink, as you'll see throughout this post!)

Brit also loves Kanine Kerchiefs! They're double sided and come in lots of different patterns and sizes. What an easy way to change up your pup's wardrobe, without any fuss! Kanine Kerchiefs also supports many local rescues - the little orange cutie above is one of Brit's past foster dogs all decked out! 

And finally something for the human! Brit LOVES everything Hatley! The clothes, bags, mugs, slippers, the list goes on! Everything is super cute and full of great colours, the clothing is comfy and fits nicely, and it's all really well made and durable! 

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