Monday, June 25, 2012

Will Guide Dog Puppy Pilaf Win the Hero Dog Awards?

Pilaf is the twelfth puppy I have raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Two years ago, my husband and I started a web series called Growing Up Guide Pup. We thought that it would be fun to document and share our experience puppy raising. We gained a lot of fans, especially those who use guide dogs or were interested in getting a guide of their own, or people who were interested in becoming puppy raisers.

We decided to conitue the show and do another season with a new puppy, Pilaf is that puppy. She is helping us to continue to educate people how guides are started. Many people believe that working dogs are forced to work and never have any fun. Pilaf is helping to show the world that Guide Dogs are raised with love, not manufactured. They are encouraged to work because it's fun, not forced because they have to.

We have recieved messages from all over the world about how our show has helped people decide to get a guide dog, now understanding all the work that goes into them. We have also had people tell us that they want to become puppy raisers because of the show.

Pilaf is a great puppy to show that anything is possible. She started off as a very timid puppy, afraid of the world around her. But she is proving that with some encouragement and guidence she is overcoming her fears. -- Amie Chapman of Hayward, California.

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