Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doggone Good Smart Phone Apps

1. Dog Toy (free): Simple with a single function- shake your phone and it squeaks!  A great little tool to keep your dog entertained.

2. Pet First Aid ($3.99):  This app provides tips and offers an understanding of what is normal for your dog to be experiencing.  It covers topics like bleeding, breathing, poisoning and CPR, bundled with information about close veterinarian clinics.

3. Screen Cleaner (free): Keep your screen "clean" with these cute dogs licking your screen.  In the free version you have a selection of 8 dogs to lick your screen clean!

4. AdoptPets (free): Matchmaking for human/dogs!  Search through new potential BFF's across more that 13, 000 shelters.  This one is a personal favourite of mine : )

5. The Dog ($0.99): A handy little guide to over 450 dog breeds.  Great for refreshing breed knowledge!

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